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TM Link is a "Total solution company" of semiconductor and electronic equipment
which is good at ASIC development especially for design and production of analog circuit / power supply.

We support customer's product development from all faces:
- Design development of LSI, LED power supply and CMOS sensor which is gathered semiconductor technology.
- Production pursued cost and quality by horizontal international specialization.
Please leave design and development / prooduction of semiconductor and electronic equipment to TM Link.

ASIC business LED business Engineering service business
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Digital signage business CMOS sensor business Worker dispatching business
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Topics - The latest news and information

2017/08/22Tower Semiconductor Ltd., a Israeli NASDAQ-listed company, officially pressed a joint venture plant (under construction in Nanjing, China) with Tacoma Semiconductor Technology Corporation Limited(TTSEMI) in Nanjing, where Tatsuhisa Tatsuhisa serves as officer / CTO Released.Material(pdf)
2017/08/21TM link is devoted to design / consulting business and LED related business, etc. for semiconductor analog LSI factory under construction in Nanjing China, and transferred to other company and business SS link Co., Ltd. spun off new business. Business overview of SS Link Co., Ltd. is this.
2017/05/10Sale of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)- ARES series has been begun.
"Never be before" high-efficient "multi-mode electricity supply system" UPS. Material(pdf)
2017/03/01TMLink begins to design the analog LSI TTSEMI produces as IDM at a domestic group company while doing a consul at the same time as construction of Chinese Nanjin city semiconductor previous process factory "TTSEMI" is developed smoothly. TTSEMI is planning to stand up and also produce about 10 kinds of product.
A Web site of TTSEMI is this.
2016/11/01We got approval from UNDP(United Nations Development Programme) and begin an engineering consultant to the biggest LED company in Vietnam. Certification(pdf)
2016/06/30Tatematsu, the president assumes CTO in Tacoma&TowerJazz Semiconductor (Nanjin city) as well as has initiated development of an IDM product of the semiconductor Wafer Process factory which has begun to construct in a Chinese Nanjin city in earnest. Material(pdf)
2016/03/31LED tube with built-in 5M pixel CMOS camera and WiFi was developed and released. We received big response by an application of IoT and the security relation. Material(pdf)
2015/07/13In a page of Business/Products - Technical consulting, we added a new enterprise" LED lighting instrument evaluation service" .
2014/10/30TM Link appeared on Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun as an article."Custom LSI design, TM Link -- A senior engineer makes an effort on an LED illumination circuit, and utilizes experience." Article(jpg)
2014/08/05A dimmer type flickerless power supply is developed for a filament type LED chandelier light bulbs, and it has been started to produce.
2014/07/15A manufacturing grant was adopted. Development of the next generation digitalization LED power supply has been begun.
2014/06/26Development of a Data irregularity power supply for LED visible optical communication has been started.
2014/05/20Development of a cloud computing radio dimmer LED tube has been completed and production has been begun.
2014/03/04A new product was exhibited jointly with Kishima Corporation in held LED Next stage at Tokyo Big Sight.
2014/03/20Development has completed energy Harvest type electric power measuring equipment in industry-academia cooperation.
2014/02/10We began to sell LED mobile light with a large-volume lithium battery.
2013/12/10We developed and began to sell a switch dimmer LED tube of constructionless.
2013/09/26A luxury interior LED lighting "Lumitrans" is introduced to Shukan Shincho. After a while appears on a Katei Gahou and so on.
2013/07/24Development of Lumitrans for Joyconcept Corporation has been completed and production has been completed.
2013/06/20TM Link Shenzhen brunch is established in Chinese Shenzhen. Residence Japanese is arranged.
2013/06/01Consulting business of the semiconductor and the LED power supply has been begun in earnest.
2013/05/28The home page was remodeled completely.
2013/04/20Sale of an LED floodlight and an LED tube using an in-house power supply has been begun.
2013/12/20180W/240W LED power supply has been added to the line-up.
2012/09/15A design of a custom LED lighting instrument as well as an LED power supply and production have been begun.
2012/08/30A capital was increased in 30,000,000 yen.
2011/07/27I have begun to Recruitment information to us.
2010/11/17A capital was increased in 20,000,000 yen.
2010/11/08In a page of Business/Products - SSD, we added a new product "SEKITOBA".
2010/11/01We established a page of High-performance SSD "SEKITOBA" corresponding to world's first NAS.
2010/10/27It appeared on ITmedia +D PC USER. "Ultimate-shaped of "the strongest NAS" -- The merit of dumb NAS is pursued at QNAP and SSD."
2010/10/06It appeared on "Toshiyasu Hirasawa's peripheral device review" of Impress PC Watch. "Unistar "SEKITOBAR TM110A-S25-M128G34", high reliability SSD which answered perfectly to NAS made of QNAP"
2010/09/29It appeared on Mycomi Journal How-to."Nice relation of "iPhone x NAS" (the first part) -- Enjoy autumn with QNAP "TS-119"."
2010/09/01World's first high-performance SSD "SEKITOBA" corresponding to NAS was announced.
2010/08/20A capital was increased in 15,000,000 yen.
2010/05/07Addition of "Business/Products".
2010/05/07Renewal on a map in "Contact us".
2010/04/01Change in the office building of the company address and the telephone number.
2010/01/04Renewal of a home page by the in-house domain.

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